Information for your stay at Banool Lodge

What do I need to know about my stay?

Where is Banool Lodge?

We're at 12 Parallel Street, straight up the hill from Halleys Ski Hire. Zoom in on the map for more detail. You can take the Accommodation Transfer Service from the ATS Terminal on Bogong High Plains Road or you can walk the 500m or so uphill from the carpark.

What sort of accommodation is provided at Banool Lodge?

You need to keep in mind that, besides Apartment 5, all our accommodation is in bunk-style bedrooms. There is a two-bunk room and a four-bunk room in each of Apartments 1 to 4, as well as two divans. Apartment 5 has a double bed and a double bunk in the same bedroom and is suitable for two adults and two children.

All the apartments are self-contained with their own heating, fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

The kitchen in each apartment is fully equipped with a refrigerator, a full-size electric stove, a microwave oven, an electric frying pan, a toaster, an electric jug and pots, pans, crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils.

What do I need to bring?

Blankets and pillows are supplied although check the information that comes with your booking regarding lockdown restrictions.

It is essential to bring your own sheets or sleeping bag, pillow slip, towel, tea towel and any other linen you may deem necessary.

What other amenities are there?

Laundry and Drying Room

There is a drying room and laundry on the ground floor. Soap powder is provided.

Recreation Room

A large recreation room is on the lowest level. It contains a billiard table, audio-visual equipment, a lounge area and a kitchenette.


You can access wi-fi throughout the Lodge. We have television outlets in each flat that provide high-quality signals via online connections.

Do I need to bring my own grocery items?

The Club provides general grocery items for member and guest usage. Items include a range of breakfast cereals, spreads, loose leaf tea and teabags, instant coffee and sugar. There are also cooking ingredients such as flour, oil, rice, herbs and spices and a range of condiments and sauces. Each apartment is supplied with cling wrap, foil, dishwashing liquid, sponges, garbage bags and toilet rolls.

A Foodworks supermarket and bottle shop is situated at Slalom Plaza, downstairs from QT Falls Creek.

Where can I check my booking?

The bed allocation sheet for the week is displayed on the monitor in the front entrance foyer. The name of the Duty Officer can be found at the top of the list. This list can also be accessed by hopping over to our Bed List page. For more detailed information, go to our Booking Portal Bed List. Keep in mind, however, that the latest bed allocation is on the Bed List page list.

There is a public phone in the front foyer. The number is 03 4706 0100.

What is the door code?

You should have received the door code from the Booking Officer before your departure to Falls Creek. Ask the Duty Officer for the code if you cannot access it. The Duty Officer will also inform you if the code is changed during your stay.


If the security of the Lodge is compromised, your belongings are at risk.

Is the changeover time fixed?

Yes it is. If you arrive early you may leave your luggage and ski gear in the front entrance foyer or recreation room until changeover time. As a courtesy to incoming members and guests, your apartment needs to have been cleaned and vacated by 6:00 pm on your day of departure.

All cleaning products are supplied and are located in each flat.

Can I bring pets?

No pets are allowed in the Lodge with the exception of assistance pets. The only pets allowed in the resort are those of permanent residents and visitors requiring assistance pets.

Where can I hire ski clothing and equipment?

If your looking to hire ski clothing or equipment when staying at Banool Lodge, we recommend either Koki Ski Equipment Hire or Halleys Ski Hire. Both businesses are old friends of Banool Ski Club and offer 15% discounts for members and guests at Banool Lodge.

Zoom in on the map to find out exactly where they are.

Koki Ski Equipment Hire

Koki is just around the corner at 1 Arlberg Street, on the corner of Schuss Street.

Halleys Ski Hire

Halleys is directly down the hill from Banool Lodge at 11 Slalom Street. Just go down the path beside the Lodge, across Arlberg Street and then down the stairs. Halleys will be on your right.