Season Opening and Bookings

Falls Creek Resort Management have announced that the 2020 ski season will open on June 22. In response, the Banool Ski Club Committee has met to gauge whether Banool Lodge can be opened for the 2020 ski season and under what conditions.

No final decision has yet been made, however, it is highly likely that if the Lodge is opened it will be restricted to members and their families.

As a result, we cannot confirm tentative guest bookings. We highly recommend that prospective guests who have made tentative bookings seek alternative accommodation.

Online Bookings

All bookings must now be made online. Go to our online booking page:

  • Fill in the information required on each page until you reach "complete the booking".
  • Your booking number will now appear.
  • The booking is now tentative.
  • The Booking Officer will confirm the booking after processing.

General Booking Inquiries

If you have a general query about staying at Banool Lodge, you can use this form. Booking applications, subject to the approval of the Booking Officer, need to be made online.

Contacting us by phone or email

Booking applications cannot be made over the phone or by email. Before contacting us, please read our General Information brochure.

Banool Lodge: 03 5758 3339

Booking Officer: 0407 150 971