Season Opening and Bookings

Falls Creek Resort Management have announced that the 2020 ski season will open on June 22. In response, the Banool Ski Club Committee has met to gauge whether Banool Lodge can be opened for the 2020 ski season and under what conditions.

No final decision has yet been made, however, it is highly likely that if the Lodge is opened it will be restricted to members and their families.

As a result, we cannot confirm tentative guest bookings. We highly recommend that prospective guests who have made tentative bookings seek alternative accommodation.

Banool Lodge

Banool Lodge has provided accommodation at Falls Creek for members and guests of Banool Ski Club since 1972.

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General Public Bookings

Banool Lodge accepts bookings from the general public subject to the approval of the Booking Officer. All bookings are provisional until the resort reopens. To make a tentative booking go to our online bookings page.

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Lodge Management

Banool Lodge is run by its associated ski club, Banool Ski Club. There is no permanent management at the Lodge. Instead, the Committee of Banool Ski Club assigns members to act as the Duty Officer when the Lodge is occupied. The Duty Officer has the powers and responsibilities of a manager. Guests can take their concerns to the Duty Officer and must comply with Duty Officer directives.

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Banool Lodge

In 1972 Banool Ski Club bought Banool Lodge and secured a long-term lease on the land on which it stands.

Banool Ski Club members did much of the necessary renovations and extensions in the early years of the Club. Contractors carried out a major renovation and built a new extension when the lease came up for renewal in 2012.

Today's lodge provides comfortable family accommodation in apartments with fully serviced kitchens. There is a recreation room and easy access ski, snowboard and bike storage.

Banool Lodge is ski in, ski out for the greater part of the ski season.


Staying at Banool Lodge

If you would like to stay at Banool Lodge, go to our Bookings Page where you will find more information and a link to our online bookings site.