When will Banool Lodge reopen?

Banool Lodge remains closed despite the partial easing of restrictions by Falls Creek Resort Management. A decision of reopening the Lodge is pending but a date for reopening is not yet available.

How do I make a booking?

When bookings reopen, members and guests will be able to make bookings via our online bookings page.

What’s your refund policy?

Deposits are not refundable, unless “No snow” condition applies.

When is payment due on bookings?

When guest bookings resume they will require a one-third (1/3) deposit within 7 days of confirmation with the balance being paid six (6) weeks prior to the booking date.

How can I contact the Lodge manager?

The Lodge does not have a manager as such. Instead, a member is designated as Duty Officer for specific periods when that member is staying at the Banool Lodge. Any enquiries regarding the Duty Officer should be directed to the Booking Officer. See the Booking Page for details.