Winter 2021

DUTY OFFICER:The Duty Officer is a Banool Ski Club member who has been named by the Booking Officer to manage the Lodge for a specified period. Check the bed list to find out who is the Duty Officer on a particular day. Directives of the Duty Officer must be complied with at all times. Failure to comply may result in fines and/or being asked to leave the Lodge.

DOOR CODE:Do not disclose the door code to anyone not staying at the Lodge. The Duty Officer will advise changes.

CHANGEOVER: 6:00pm for both check-in and check-out. All members and guests will need to observe social distancing and comply with all directions of the Duty Officer.

Victorian COVID Lockdown Bed List

The current Victorian lockdown is due to be lifted at 11:59 pm on Tuesday, 27 July. This bed list will be updated when more information becomes available. For detailed information consult the Booking Portal Bed List.

Week 00, 2019

Ski Season: Week 7, 2021

Date 25 Jul 26 Jul 27 Jul 28 Jul 29 Jul 30 Jul 31 Jul 1 Aug 2 Aug
Duty Officer
Flat 1 2 Bed
4 Bed
Flat 2 2 Bed
4 Bed
Flat 3 2 Bed
4 Bed
Flat 4 2 Bed
4 Bed
Flat 5 4 Bed

Bed Lists

The bed list above is a summary of our bookings that is updated weekly.

Our Booking Portal Bed List is a person by person table of bookings for the next seven days. Click on the link to view this list. You will need to use your browser's back tab to return to this page.